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American War

A novel that follows the aftermath of the Second American Civil War. The war begins in 2074, when tensions between the North and South become untenable. A contentious fossil fuel policy prompts the assassination of the president. Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia secede. South Carolina, ground zero of a deadly plague, is quarantined, and Louisiana, which remains neutral, is gradually being swallowed by rising waters. Sarat Chestnut is six years old when the conflict starts. By 2081, she and her family are forced to live in a refugee camp. In the camp, Sarat falls under the influence of an operative for the South and joins their cause

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

Sixteen-year-old Eugenia "Genie" Lo has been working hard in school. She is determined to get away from California and attend an Ivy League college in the East. Her plan is complicated by the arrival of Quentin Sun, a new student from China. Genie finds Quentin both irritating and intriguing. He really gets her attention when he reveals that he is the mortal manifestation of the legendary Monkey King and Genie is the reincarnation of Ruyi Jingu Bang, the Monkey King's weapon. Although Genie is not an expert on Chinese folklore, she is suddenly responsible for helping Quentin round up more than 100 rogue demons and return them to Diyu, the Chinese hell. Before she met Quentin, Genie's biggest challenge was getting into a good college. Now she must also protect the San Francisco Bay Area from an army of demons.

Children of Blood and Bone

The land of Orisha was home to a host of magical people until King Saran ordered their executions 11 years ago. Zelie Adebola, now 17 years old, and her brother, Tzain, lost their mother, a Reaper, in the genocide that also killed the Burners, Tiders, and other magicians. Zelie is determined to bring magic back to Orisha. As a Diviner, she possesses dormant powers. She gets help in tapping into those powers from an unlikely source when Princess Amari runs away from her father with a scroll that holds the information Zelie needs. But while Amari wants magic restored to Orisha, her brother, Prince Inan, shares King Saran's opposition to magic. With Inan chasing them, intent on continuing his father's purge, Zelie, Tzain, and Amari embark on a search for the artifact that can bring magic back to their land.


At the demand of their powerful but cruel father, Scarlett and her younger sister Tella have never left their small island home. Scarlett would do anything to protect Tella from their father, even agreeing to an arranged marriage with a complete stranger. Tella is beautiful and whimsical, carefree and full of a spark that Scarlett would do anything to keep alive. Scarlett's one dream is to attend Caraval, a blend of games and performance that occurs far away once a year. When the marriage is announced, Scarlett knows that she will never see Caraval, but she accepts that reality if it will protect Tella. In a surprise move, Tella arranges for a sailor to take the sisters to Caraval without their father knowing. Thrilled, Scarlett is having the time of her life until Tella is kidnapped as part of the show. Nothing is as it appears at Caraval, and Scarlett will have to face unimaginable challenges and fears if she is to rescue her sister and assure their return home.


After being saved by her beloved sister Scarlett from the dangers of Caraval--a popular, but potentially deadly game show in which the risks are all too real--Donatella Dragna must play another round to truly win her freedom. Tella's initial escape came with a price: she made a deal with a shadowy underworld figure to reveal the true identity of the Caraval Master, Legend. The only problem is that she has no idea who the devious Caraval mastermind really is. To get to the bottom of the mystery and finally free herself, Tella will have to enter Caraval once more and risk everything to learn the truth about the man who created the perilous game she desperately needs to win for a second time. This is the second book in Stephanie Garber's Caraval Series.

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Living with his abusive grandmother for several years does not help Joey because she's just as wired as he is. Luckily Joey's mother returns and manages to get him on medication for his attention deficit disorder, but the medication usually wears off by noon and then Joey can't help but get in trouble. Sent to sharpen pencils, he sharpens his finger; he swallows his house key; he careens off desks or spins in his chair; and one day he cuts off the end of a classmate's nose. That's when he's sent to a special school where his medications are finally adjusted so that he can learn to control himself. Joey is a good kid who looks at his life with a tremendous sense of humor.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

When 28-year-old Sara Lindqvist arrives in Broken Wheel, Iowa, from Sweden, she receives some shocking news. Amy Harris, the elderly pen pal who invited Sara to visit her, has recently died. In fact, her funeral has just concluded. Sara and Amy had written letters to each other about their shared love of books and reading. Now that she's stranded in Broken Wheel, Sara moves into Amy's house and gets acquainted with her library. As Sara spends time in the down-on-its-luck town, she gets to know the people Amy had written about in her letters. And although Amy's friends don't know what to make of the newcomer at first, they eventually appreciate Sara's presence. Sara secures her place in the community when she opens a bookshop that gives Broken Wheel the boost it needs

The Haunting of Hill House

Eleanor Vance is a 32-year-old woman who has spent her entire adult life caring for her demanding invalid mother. After her mother's death, she is invited by Dr. John Montague to become part of a paranormal investigation team at Hill House. Eleanor is at first very happy, making new friends and feeling as though her life has finally truly begun. Eventually, though, the nightmarish happenings at Hill House combine with the all-too-human cruelty of Eleanor's comrades to drive her to the edge of madness--and beyond.